Medeoryx is developing TNT-driven restorative therapeutics for diabetes, vascular disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders using the proprietary skin cell reprograming.

Medeoryx Therapeutics is a biotech company developing TNT (Tissue Nano-Transfection)-based tissue reprograming to convert skin cells beta cell-like cells for insulin secretion, endothelial cell-like cells for blood vessel generation, and neuron-like cells in a GMP-compatible manner in a living body. Proprietary combination of DNA cocktails converts skin cells to targeted cells via TNT.

Although conventional cell therapies have shown a promise, it has practical limitations when applied to humans. First, because cultured cells are introduced to micro-environment of injured tissue, introduced cells are stressed by the dynamic microenvironment. Many cells die and face challenges by the immune system. Second, cells with high residual plasticity may result in cancerous outgrowths. Third, because lab-based cell reprograming is a multi-step requiring process with variable results, it has a huge translational barrier for practical applications.

However, TNT does not require ex vivo cell culture, gene transfer is non-viral, and its molecular cargo can be delivered within less than a second with a small electric charge.

Our TNT-based approaches may be able to repair injured tissues as well as restore the loss of functions while bypassing immune surveillances.

Tissue Nano-Transfection (TNT) enables endogenous tissue reprogramming within a living body.


Tissue Nano-Transfection (TNT) is specifically designed to overcome major limitations in conventional cell and gene therapies. TNT converts skin cells to targeted cells by circumventing immune surveillances.