Medeoryx is developing TNT-driven restorative therapeutics for diabetes, vascular disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Animal Proof of Concept studies have shown that MDX series with TNT approach can convert skin cells into beta-cell like cells, endothelial cell like cells and neuron like cells in rodent and porcine with functions. Because it does not rely on the modified cultured cells, immune surveillance is readily mitigated. Our goal is to elaborate the TNT system for human use to repair lesions or defects at the pancreas, blood vessels, and nervous system.

What is TNT (Tissue Nano-Transfection)?

  • TNT is a ground-breaking technology to convert adult cells to various cells in vivo without using ex vivo pre-processing and viral vectors. Our body plays a role in GMP manufacturing facility. By injecting specific genetic materials into skin cells with TNT, then turning those cells into targeted cells, it can treat victims in the accidents, battle fields, and diseased conditions.

TNT has two major components

  • Drug- A novel gene material which induces adult cells to change from one type to another for therapeutic purposes when it is delivered into adult cells with a small electrical charge within less than a second.

  • Device - A proprietary nanotechnology-based chip designed to instantly deliver “cargo DNA” to adult cells (e.g., skin, muscle) in the live body using electroporation for human use which can deliver cargo DNA to skin and other accessible cells by surgery.

Rodent and porcine model studies have shown that
TNT facilitates remarkably fast and efficient for tissue
reprogramming in vivo.

We utilize a unique combination of cell and gene therapy which is simple, safe, and fast that can be readily applied to patients without the need for cultured cells nor the use of risky viral vectors.